How SEMG Scans Work

An sEMG scan allows Dr.Jessica to detect unusual stress patterns in motor nerves that contribute to improper posture, tension, and misalignment within the musculoskeletal system. When spinal misalignments exert pressure on the nerves, causing irritation, these nerves emit an absence of heat. When the thermography scan is applied along the patient’s back, it quantifies the heat emitted by these nerves. Subsequently, sensors are positioned on specific muscle points, allowing the scan to evaluate concurrent muscle tension as well. This technology enables her to quantify and chart areas of muscular imbalance, monitoring their evolution throughout the patients treatment.

Example of sEMG


Dr. Jessica will conduct a comprehensive review of your sEMG scan during your scheduled appointment. She will visually present the areas of concern by displaying and explaining your scan, discussing the existing issue, and outlining the subsequent steps in your treatment plan. Additionally, she will update you on the advancements you’ve achieved since your first initial visit.

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