Who Can Benefit From An Adjustment?

  • Infants

    Colic, Acid Re-flux, Incontinence, and Sleep Issues are just a few of the symptoms an adjustment can address.

  • Postnatal

    Helps with delivery recovery and restores curvatures and proper posture. Promotes pelvic floor healing and strength as well as aids in alleviating postpartum depression and anxiety.

  • Prenatal

    Relieves sciatic pain, rib discomfort, and intercostal pain. Improves morning sickness and reflux as well as decreases swelling and increases circulation.

  • Teenagers

    Rule out and prevent Scoliosis with a chiropractic examination and regular adjustments.

  • Athletes

    Treats and prevents injuries. Creates muscle symmetry and enhance performance.

  • Adults

    Adults that suffer from every day aches and pains can benefit from regular adjustments!

  • Geriatric

    Helps to restore neurological function and increases flexibility and mobility. Promotes kinetics and aids in balance.

  • Post Surgical

    Aids in preventing further injury and degeneration. Reduces post-surgical complications as well as supports the recovery process.

  • Arthritis

    Adults that suffer from degenerating discs.

  • Osteoporosis

    Adults that suffer from osteoporosis can benefit from regular adjustments!

How Can Chiropractic Care Help You?

At West Side Chiropractic our examination procedures are geared toward detecting and correcting these misalignments. Our procedures are specifically selected for your spine and nervous system health. This will make each chiropractic adjustment specific to the patient’s spine and relieve the overall pressure that is being placed upon the nerves.

One of the biggest misconceptions of how misalignments of the vertebra take place is from experiencing some sort of major accident or injury when in actuality the majority of misalignments take place from everyday stresses. (ex. Repetitive bending, lifting, driving, sitting… life stresses.) When these vertebrae misalign, they will then pinch the corresponding nerve and this is what cause the discomfort and symptoms the patient is experiencing.

Our spines are the VERY first thing to develop when we are in the womb. The job of the spine is to protect all of the nerves that stem from the spine. These nerves then branch off and go to EVERY body part and ALL the organs. The nervous system is the main line of communication to the entire body!

The main job of the spine and the vertebrae are to protect these nerves. When looking at the spine from the back, each vertebra should be nice and straight and they all should move freely. Therefore, when we bend and twist and turn, the vertebrae will bend and twist and turn, all while protecting these nerves.

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